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Marauder Buffer Hammer

Marauder Buffer Hammer

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This Brass Insert MDS hammer will make your gun cock smooth as butter since there's no more metal on metal it will reduce the dwell of the valve and lower your ES in most cases. The recessed striker location allows you to precisely control the amount your valve will open.  You can now adjust the amount your valve opens by adjusting how far the striker is screwed into the hammer.  Similar to an O-Ring buffer, but this is precisely repeatable.  This hammer is  quieter than the stock hammer, as nylon on steel makes very little noise unlike steel on steel.  This product fit's 177/22/25 Cal Benjamin Marauder Rifle's.  This item weighs 1.45oz, and is pre-drilled for the factory striker.  Simply unscrew the striker from your stock hammer and screw into this hammer, and install.  Your valve stem needs to have no more than 6mm of exposed shaft in order for the hammer to work correctly.  This should not be a problem if you're using one of our SS Valves.

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