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Externally Adjustable Bottle Regulator

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Part Number:RA-ARA-700.
This is our all new, patent pending, externally adjustable regulator.  This unit is the first of its kind, the regulated pressure can be adjusted without removing the bottle from the regulator, or removing the regulator from the gun; and without releasing any pressure from the system.  Also, unlike other regulators on the market, this unit allows the pressure to be turned up, or down, without the need to shoot down pressure within the system, and without fear of internal damage.  This regulator offers unprecedented flexibility, and has been rock solid through all of our testing.  All high stress components are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and will give years of service with little regard to how much abuse you give it. The regulator is equipped with a high pressure gauge, a low pressure gauge, as well as a 7.5k high side burst disk, and the production model will include a low side burst disk as well.  We will begin taking Pre-Orders soon, we're ironing out the final patent details, with expected delivery the first part of June.