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Raptor Stick Magazines

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CNC Machined Raptor Stick Magazines - Kinda like a single shot tray, only 10 can be held at one time!
Stick Mags are designed for the avid bench rest enthusiast, or those striving for highest accuracy. 
Some shooters opt not to use a Rotary Magazine, and desire to protect their carefully chosen pellets and perfectly align them with a smooth path into the chamber.
Stick Mags also allow the scope mount to be closer to the Breech and Barrel.  
Pellets or Slugs are manually indexed one at a time on the bore aligned detent in the breech. 
Compatible with all Raptors.
Calibers: .177, .22, .25/.257, .30, .357
Maximum Projectile Length = 0.660"

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